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I am a fully qualified beauty and nail therapist. I first started in the beauty industry when I left school at 16, I trained at St Helens college for 2 years completing my I.H.B.C level 2&3 and City and Guilds level 2&3. My passion was always in nail extensions and at 18 I trained with Backscratchers and Star Nails to enhance my knowledge.

I opened my own salon in Wigan in 1996 and also started on my teaching career with Star Nails. I worked with them for 4 years enhancing my skills for nails and teaching. For the next few years I continued with my salon always keeping my training up to date with new techniques. I then continued teaching with another company for the next 12 years, in this time I acquired my assessors award and my Internal Quality Assurance award.

I love sharing my passion and knowledge with other people and seeing them gain in confidence through the 20 week courses is very rewarding. Giving people the skills to achieve their dreams and knowing that you have helped make a difference is an amazing feeling.

I have completed multiple advanced training course in the Advanced Beauty and Aesthetics field, such as; Mesotherapy, PRP, basic & advanced Dermal Filler and Botulinum Toxin.  I have also advanced my facial teaching in Microneedling, Dermaplaning and Vampire facials.

Within my teaching career I have completed Level 4 Laser and IPL and level 4 Microblading.  I really enjoy teaching the advanced treatments to students and love the fact we can progress our learners in to any field they want to go into, either it be Level 1 beauty or Level 4  we have the course and experience to teach all to an extremely high standard.



My name is Emma Jayne Lavin, I am currently an educator, IQA and I develop courses and resources on behalf of VITA skills, most recently developing the online presence, such as YouTube, Instagram and the new e-learning platform.

I am incredibly passionate about developing the creative minds of our future artists.

I have numerous qualifications which spread over the hair and beauty industry, I am a fully qualified beauty therapist, nail technician, hair stylist  and media makeup artist, I have other shorter qualifications which link to the industry such as spray tanning, Lash technician , hair extensions and continue to develop in all areas with regular CPD.

I have amassed a regular client base, most of these clients have been with me from the start and still return regularly. I am extremely proud of my achievements owning and running my own business within the industry. The intensive subject knowledge gained from this and the first-hand experience is transferable within my classrooms.

Over a decade ago I started out within this industry and quickly decided I wanted to share my skills with others and qualified as a teacher and then as an IQA.  I have always been artistic for as long as I can remember although initially, I channelled that into my first found love, nail technology. I have been practicing fine art and sculptured art on nails for many years. Along the way, new doors were opened, and I expanded my skills and started using the face and body as a canvas instead of the nail. Makeup has since taken over my life and I feel I can express thoughts, ideas and feelings through creativity with makeup and hair. I love fashion and photographic looks and take inspiration from other artists that create abstract, Avant Garde pieces. Often, I combine this with SFX. I have worked with clientele, in horror houses, on sets of short films, theatre, roadshows, trade events, studio work, emergency services creating staged events such as car crashes and Live TV events such as Miss World 2019 in London. I work with industry professionals, building and developing partnerships which then enables us to work together on projects and take students along to get work experience and network.

I always find working with keen students rewarding. I encourage them to come to as many events as possible and get involved, helping them to be fully submerged in the industry. My aim is to instil positivity in as many people as I can and spread happiness and a ‘can do’ attitude to everyone I meet.

I am extremely lucky to have turned my passion into a career, I want to help others do the same.

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Hi my name is Holly, I’m a fully qualified Nail Technician, Beauty Therapist and Hair Stylist. I have worked in the industry for over 9 years. I started as a Saturday girl when I was still in school, going on to work full time in a salon, I have also worked free lance and on to open my own company. From a young age I have always wanted to teach but never felt the traditional route of classroom teaching was for me, I have recently gained my teaching qualification and assessors award so now I can put my passion of nails, beauty, hair and teaching all in to one!

Teaching is such a rewarding job, every day I see students confidence grow and it makes me so proud when they achieve their qualification and start on their path in the beauty industry too!

I work full time teaching and still have my own clients at weekends to keep my skills up to date and fresh.



My name is Katie, I am an assessor and Internal Quality Assurer for Vita skills, I have been working in the Beauty industry for over 13 years now.

During this time I have worked as a make-up artist for a leading brand in the cosmetic industry where I gained skills and knowledge working on the public and working back stage at fashion shows. After this I started my own business offering various Beauty, nail and make-up treatments to my clientele I managed to build. My thirst for knowledge and to passion for the industry lead me into teaching. 

I have been teaching now for 8 years and during this time I have gained my level 3 and 4 teaching qualification, assessors and IQA award. I have been working for Vita for 4 years now and love my job, on a daily basis I get to interact, share my passion and knowledge with learners progressing their skills or starting in their new career. 

Over the last few years I have trained and furthered my skills into the advanced Beauty industry which includes Microblading, Dermaplaning, micro needling, chemical skin peels and various other treatments in the aesthetics industry. 

Whilst working for Vita I have been fortunate to experience working back stage at the Miss World event where we did contestants make-up, UMAE and For the love of horror events. 

The industry is forever changing and progressing which heightens my passion for my job to share my skills and knowledge with learners, seeing a learners confidence and skills grow during the course and reach their goal will never get tiresome.



Hi my name is Katie, I am a fully qualified nail technician, with experience within the beauty and hair industry.

I have worked in the industry for over 10 years and have accessed vita skills training in order to obtain my teaching qualification.

I started working in a salon as a trainee stylist which gave me the experience and confidence  to build my own buisness as a freelance therapist offering nails, hair and beauty treatments.

I have recently obtained my teaching qualification in which I have experience working within FE college’s. I am excited to have the opportunity to join the VITA team and expand my career along the way.

I will continue to work freelance to ensure my knowledge is fresh and up to date.



Hi my name is Devon I am a qualified Makeup artist with over 10 years experience.

During my time in the industry I have worked as a Make-up artist for Prosthetics agencies working globally and television shows  I have also worked for London fashion week and clothes show live.

I still have the same passion for makeup now as I did when I started training as a makeup artist, during my career as a freelance makeup artist I decided to go back into education and train as a teacher.

Being a teacher/ assessor is a very rewarding job, I get to see their passion for learning and there drive to be the best of the best within the makeup industry and I like to think that my experience within the makeup industry helps all of students get to where they want to be.

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I started my journey in the beauty industry at 21 training in advanced nail techniques. I became a mobile nail technician and trained in hairdressing.
I left the beauty industry for a while to concentrate on my family.

I returned to the industry just over 5 years ago & have not looked back! I have done various one day courses & then completed my level 3 Massage, level 3 Beauty, Dermaplaning, Microneedling and my level 4 AET. My level 3 courses and my level 4 teaching qualification were all accessed through Vita.

Skin care is my passion; I’m especially interested in aesthetics & I hope to further my training in these areas.
Being a tutor is an absolute privilege and I thoroughly enjoy it. There is no better reward than seeing your students succeed in their chosen career path.

I’m always striving to learn new skills and keep up to date with this fast-paced industry.



Fran has worked in the Social Work/Social Care sector since 1989, qualifying as a social worker in the 1990s. Fran began her career working in a Therapeutic Community for children and young people in the late 1980s, specialising in working with children with neuro-diverse presentation in a therapeutic setting. Moving on from this role she worked for several years in a dedicated Youth Offending Team before moving on to take up a senior role in a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) team in the late 1990s. In this work Fran has built up a high level of expertise working with children and young people who have Autism Spectrum Disorder and with children who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

In the mid 2000’s Fran set up her own support service for children and adults who had ASD, ADHD or ADD, called Wraparound Services Ltd which continues to offer specialist and bespoke services to this client group. Fran has also taken on the role of specialist trainer in the Fostering Sector, offering training services across a range of areas including those mentioned above and also specialist support in the field of Attachment Disorders.



Elizabeth is a qualified Social Worker with over 30 years’ experience in a variety of social work and allied settings, with current practice experience in Children’s Social work, Adult mental Health and Learning Disability Social Work, Child and Adult Safeguarding and Learning Disability.
For the last 12 years Liz has worked in training alongside providing specialist Social Work Services. In this role she have been responsible, amongst other things, for the development of the organization, managing staff teams, contract management, direct work with learners, managing OFSTED inspections, and working with to assist the organization achieve Awards such as Investors in People. The Matrix Standard, ISO, etc.
Liz has also, undertaken several of short to medium term Social Work roles with agencies who have approached us to provide Social Work Tasks. Recent examples of this type of work include working as a Supervising Social Worker for an Independent Fostering Agency, Providing medium term management for a Mental Health Agency, providing Social Work Supervision support for a number of Children’s Agencies, developing management policy and procedure for Social Care Agencies, running a small service through Personal Budgets for Older People, as well as providing a number of short term Social Work support projects. Liz is fully conversant with most aspects of Statutory Social Work, Legislation, Current Practice, etc. and has recent experience in most areas of statutory Social Work.
Liz have a passionate interest in child care and fostering and have in the last 12 years worked closely with foster carers and foster care services. Having worked closely with many Local Authority Fostering Teams and IFAs Liz has developed a thorough understanding of the fostering task and the work that foster carers need to be able to undertake. Liz is fully conversant with the competency based assessment process, the principles of Attachment Theory, concepts of Identity and Loss, Positive Parenting, etc.
Liz has completed four years training in Psychotherapy and has a great interest Attachment Theory and its application, having recently attended conferences organised by The Bowlby Society.
Liz has also been actively involved in the provision of training and qualification for Foster carers in several Local Authorities and IFAs and worked as part of a pilot project providing the first National Level 5 qualifications for Foster Carers and has also been actively involved in the provision of management qualifications for Fostering Agency Managers. This work has also led to her being involved with the provision of service to Professional Football teams, assisting with the development of provision for family accommodation for young footballers at Various Premiership Football Clubs
Earlier in her career Liz gained extensive knowledge in working with children and young people with Learning Disabilities and has also worked in the provision of care for older people and people with enduring Mental Health problems. Liz is a qualified Vocational Assessor, Assessment Moderator and Social Work Practice Teacher



Jackie has over 30 years’ experience working in the child care/social work setting. Beginning her work in Local Authority Nurseries in Blyth and North Tyneside, where she gained a great deal of experience working in child protection and outreach settings. Because of her interest in work in these areas she took up a post as a Social Services Officer in 1996 and was later seconded to undertake my Social Work Qualification, I qualified as a Social Worker over 15 years ago. Jackie then began working as a Social Worker in a busy Child Protection team. 

Later Jackie  took up a post working as a Supervising Social Worker in an Independent fostering Agency, later taking up a role as a director of a company, specialising in the training and assessment of Foster carers as well as the provision of independent Social Work Services

In this role work Jackie has worked throughout the UK undertaking a variety of different roles. These include the assessments of foster carers and other Social Work and Social Care Professionals undertaking professional qualifications such as the Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce, The Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management in Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services, delivering foster carer training covering areas such as Safeguarding, Attachment Theory, Managing Challenging Behaviour, Child Care legislation, Skills To Foster, etc. Jackie has undertaken consultancy Social Work for a number of different Agencies, including Fostering Agencies, Services for People with mental Health difficulties, Children’s Homes, etc. As part of her work I also provide safeguarding training, professional development support for staff working with children and young people at a number of professional football clubs, as well as carrying a case load of ongoing Form F assessments and Initial Screening Visits for a group of Fostering Agencies. 

Jackie has also, undertaken several of short to medium term Social Work roles with agencies who have approached us to provide Social Work Tasks. Recent examples of this type of work include working as a Supervising Social Worker for an Independent Fostering Agency, Providing medium term management for a Mental Health Agency, providing Social Work supervision support for a number of Children’s Agencies, developing management policy and procedure for Social Care Agencies, etc.



Tim has over 35 years’ experience in the field of Social Care. Beginning his career in a therapeutic  community for children with severe behavioral difficulties he then moved on to work in a unit for children and young people with severe disabilities. In 1989 Tim qualified as a social worker. In this role he has experience in a wide variety of professional settings, including work with children and families, working in family placement, work with adults and children with learning disabilities and work with people with mental health problems.  Tim also worked in secure settings working with children who were held securely for their own safety, worked as part of the out of hours social work team (EDT) and as a manager  of a social work team. .

Tim’s area of specialist interest has been fostering services, especially the development of specialist knowledge and skills for foster carers. Tim has been involved with providing a range of training for foster carers and foster care staff, this includes, providing Skills for Fostering Training, on going mandatory training, training in specialist areas such as attachment and resilience, managing challenging behaviour and understanding legislation, as well as providing management training and qualification.

Tim has also undertaken several of short to medium term Social Work roles with agencies who have approached us to provide Social Work Tasks. Recent examples of this type of work include working as a Supervising Social Worker for an Independent Fostering Agency, Providing medium term management for a Mental Health Agency, providing Social Work supervision support for a number of Children’s Agencies, developing management policy and procedure for Social Care Agencies, as well as providing a number of short term Social Work support projects. Tim has been recently working as a Consultant Operations Manager on a part time basis for a large national Fostering Agency, with responsibility for Quality Assurance and OFSTED readiness for the North of England and Wales. Tim is fully conversant with most aspects of Statutory Social Work, Legislation, Current Practice, etc. and has recent experience in most areas of statutory Social Work.

In addition to the work outlined above, Tim has for the last two years have been contracted to work at Bradford University, on a part time basis, lecturing on their BA and MA Social Work degree programmes, covering programmes such as Communication skills, interviewing children and adults, professional Child Care Practice, Court Work and Understanding Values and Ethics.

Tim is also part of a team which develops and provides safeguarding and other training to a number of Premiership Football clubs.

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Hi – My name is Natalie.

I have worked in the care sector for over 13 years specialising in supporting adults and young people with learning disabilities/difficulties.

Over the years I have worked directly with service users, worked in managerial roles and managed the training department of organisations allowing me to share my knowledge, skills and give real examples for learners to relate to.



I am highly experienced in the Health and Social Care sector having held a range of posts including Manager, senior, Learning Manager and support worker and also a co-owner of a training company.
I am passionate in my area of expertise and enthuse others with my knowledge and creative approach. I am an exceptional trainer, tutor and mentor and still deliver sessions in an engaging way to include all delegates, creating a real fizz of excitement. I am extremely driven to succeed and empower others with the confidence to achieve their potential. I have excellent skills within strategic planning and implementing this in a way that supports and achieves the operational success needed.
I am a creative writer, and have designed, developed and written materials and resources that are used commercially within the industry. I have recently embarked on a project writing books to support parents and families navigate experiences when having children with complex needs. I have 6 books published and always working on new ones to widen the opportunity for people to learn and develop knowledge to use in everyday life.
I am also the founder of YANA, an online support website/blog/social media forum for families travelling on the journey with their children who have complex needs. I also support many families, on a voluntarily basis, to achieve what they aspire for their children negotiating through the maze of services that are encountered and act as advocate and lead within the cases that are sent my way.



Karon has a range of experience within the health and social care sector and is experienced in the delivery of a wide range of health and social care qualifications including short courses and Diploma’s up to level 5. Karon is also an unpaid carer so continues to put these skills gained into practice. Karon is experienced in developing materials and resources to support individuals taking part in learning and can adapt these to meet different needs and abilities.


FLT Training


  • Lift truck Instructor
  • NVQ Assessor

My working career started in 1982 in the textile industry that had me work up to management level resulting in 25 years overall service. The latter years of my time there I completed the RTITB instructor course that enabled me to deliver the training for my own staff until I left the company in 2007 to set up delivering commercial training.

I have now been operating commercially delivering lift truck training throughout the North of England for over a decade and during that time I have also completed additional qualifications to deliver vocational courses within the workplace.

I’m very passionate to deliver quality training to leave a lasting impression that encourages customers to come back time and time again.


FLT Training

I started work in a textiles company in 1996 and progressively worked up to a supervisor in the warehouse. I operated various forklift trucks on a daily basis to carry out daily tasks. After 10 years I left the company to become a manager at a well known and busy haulage firm. I became a forklift instructor 8 years ago and I travel the north west delivering training courses. Since then I have continued to develop my skills and qualifications to enable me to deliver vocational qualifications.

I enjoy seeing people gain confidence and develop their workplace skills to enable them to progress.