Adult Education Budget

The Adult Education Budget (AEB) can help kick-start careers.

It’s a government-funded programme that can be accessed by individuals to fund a huge range of training. AEB aims to engage adults and provides the skills and learning needed to progress in work or equip you for an Apprenticeship. Learners can utilise the AEB to gain new skills to prepare them for the workplace, improve progression opportunities in work or support a career change.

AEB Funding

AEB funding can be used to fund training for all adults over the age of 19 for a wide range of qualifications. The process is reasonably straight-forward, but there are a few rules to follow:

  • The funds can be used for anyone aged 19-23 to get a level 2 or 3 qualification if they don’t already have one.
  • The AEB can be used to fund low-waged learners aged 19+ for level 2 qualification.
  • The AEB can be used to fund anyone who is unemployed on benefits for qualifications up to level 2.

Adult Education Budget (AEB)

Vita Skills delivers Level 2 courses that are fully funded under the AEB Government scheme. It is funded via local councils & National Providers in conjunction with ESFA & European Social Fund. 

The Adult Education Budget (AEB), funds qualifications and programmes for learners aged 19+.

Employers and learners can access AEB funding. The AEB is a great resource for employers who need to improve the skills of their workforce to meet the future challenges of automation and skills shortages. It can support staff to gain new skills, improve their current level of knowledge in an occupation, or get them ready for an apprenticeship.

AEB can also support individual learners to gain new skills to support their career development or a career change, or to improve progression opportunities in their current job role.

Below are some examples of how the Adult Education Budget can help individuals to progress and employers transform their business. We have included a table at the bottom of this page that shows detailed information about learner eligibility for full or partial funding.

AEB can:

  • Fund anyone aged 19 or over to get a full level 2 (or 3 qualification if under 24)3, if they don’t already have one
  • Fully fund anyone who is unemployed (*and claiming benefits) for any qualification or course up to level 2.

Low wage learners – for 2019, the government has introduced a pilot to allow for a more flexible use of AEB to support employed learners who are on a low wage. The threshold is an annual wage of £16,000 (or £17,500 in Greater Manchester) or lower.

Our enrolment officers can help answer any questions regarding the funding.